I have never had any formal training in interior design but feel as though I have been doing it for most of my life! My father had a very keen eye for design and loved to source cutting edge furnishings for our home. I often disagreed with his choices and while this created discord, it gave me the opportunity of finding my own creative voice. Throughout my married life, I have had the insatiable desire to buy and redevelop properties, resulting in our family having to move many times! I became quite good at being organised and eventually seemed to perfect the scenario where the children would come home from school, to a brand new home, all furnished, and a roast chicken in the oven! The thrill of creating something special out of a rather ordinary property was what I loved.

Interior Design Southern Highlands Cottage

Bowral Cottage

location: Bowral, Australia

Renovation of a forlorn little cottage overlooking the Bradman Oval in Bowral, Southern Highlands.

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Jenny Rose-Innes Interiors | Narrawallee Beach House

The Beach House

location: Australia

Redesign of a neglected beach house poised above Narrawallee Beach in Mollymook.

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Bowral Southern Highlands Interior Design

Country Town House

location: Bowral, Australia

A new home nestled in the old part of Bowral, inspired by the Arts and Crafts era.

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