Jenny Rose-Innes was born in South Africa and emigrated with her family to Australia 11 years ago. She and her husband, Michael, have renovated many properties both in South Africa and in Australia.

Jenny began blogging as a way of documenting her life in a new country, as well as keeping friends back home abreast of their new lives. She blogged for about a year before having the courage to publish! The blog was first called South Acres, the name of their beautiful farm in the Southern Highlands NSW, where they lived for 9 years. They created a garden at South Acres, which soon became a favourite among the locals and was opened numerous times in aid of charity.

After selling the farm, the blog was re-named to “The Lime Walk”. Jenny also shared the development of the building of their new home in Bowral. Her posts are about her love of gardening and others visited on her travels are enjoyed by followers all over the world.

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